As you approach the end of your 12th grade, you may be wondering what to do next. This is a very important time in your life when you need to make the right decision about your career. After completing 12th grade in India, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Designing can be a great choice for those interested in the field of fashion. 

When considering pursuing a career in fashion designing after completing 12th grade in India, it is important to assess your circumstances and make a decision on whether to pursue a diploma course or a bachelor's degree.

Sometimes, it might be more beneficial to pursue a professional diploma course instead of attending college for your graduation. If you find yourself in this situation, diploma fashion designing could be a great career choice.

There are some of you who may have missed the chance to attend college and instead, embarked on a career path by working, taking up a job, or starting a business. For some women, this could be because they prioritize taking care of their household. Nonetheless, it's never too late to pursue a professional course, and obtaining a diploma in fashion designing can be a great option.

Let's explore what this industry has to offer and everything you should know about fashion designing courses after 12th.

What is Fashion Designing?

In simple terms, anything you do to enhance your appearance is considered fashion. Fashion designing is the art of creating fashionable clothing, footwear, and accessories.

It's a field that requires a lot of creativity, as designers have to come up with unique designs. They also need to be knowledgeable about fabrics, colors, patterns, and sewing techniques. It's important for fashion designers to have an understanding of the culture, ethnicity, and rituals of the society they are designing for. The fashion industry is constantly evolving, especially with the advancement of technology and the blending of different cultures. This creates vast opportunities in the field of fashion.

Why Choose Fashion Designing?

The fashion industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry and is ever-growing. Fashion designing is an exciting career choice, and the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity. A successful fashion designer has a chance to be recognized globally, and there is no limit to what one can achieve.
Moreover, the scope of the fashion industry is not limited to designing, but one can also opt for roles in marketing, retail, merchandising, styling, and more.

Here are some prospects of persuing a career in Fashion Designing.

  1. Diverse Career Options: With a Bachelor's degree or diploma in Fashion Designing, one can explore various career opportunities like Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Consultant, Costume Designer, and many more.

  2. Industry Exposure: Pursuing a Bachelor's degree or diploma in Fashion Designing provides ample opportunities for industry exposure, which is important for understanding the current trends, gaining experience, and networking with industry professionals.

  3. Creative Learning: The fashion designing course curriculum is designed to enhance creativity and develop design skills. Students will be able to learn about design principles, fashion history, and various elements of fashion designing like textiles, draping, pattern-making, etc.

  4. Entrepreneurship: Fashion designing courses in India also include modules on entrepreneurship and business management, which can help students develop skills to start their own fashion business.

  5. Internship and Placement Opportunities: Most fashion designing institutes in India offer internships and placement opportunities to their students. Students get to work with renowned fashion designers and fashion houses during their internships, which can help them gain practical knowledge and experience.

  6. Job Security: Fashion designing is a booming industry, and the demand for fashion designers is high. Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Designing can provide job security and a stable career.

Fashion Designing Courses After 12th

India, being a hub of creativity and art, offers several fashion designing courses after 12th for students who wish to pursue their passion. Here are some of the top fashion designing courses:

Type of CourseDescriptionDuration
Bachelor of Fashion Designing (BFD) BFD is a four-year degree course offered to students who have completed their 12th grade. The course encompasses design, technology, and business, preparing students for a career in the fashion industry. 4 years
Diploma in Fashion Designing Diploma in Fashion Designing is a one to two-year vocational course that trains students in the art of fashion designing, textiles, and other techniques associated with the creation of fashionable clothing. 1 to 2 years
Bachelor of Science in Fashion Designing (BSc-FD) This course teaches students the principles of fashion designing, textile weaving, weaving, and dyeing. The course duration is three years and provides theoretical and practical knowledge about the industry. 3 years
Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication This course teaches students visual communication design, media, graphic design, and art direction. The course duration is four years and is perfect for those who wish to create visual media in the fashion industry. 4 years

The duration of different courses varies according to the institute or university you choose. However, most of the courses aim to provide you with in-depth knowledge about the industry and will nurture your skills to create innovative designs.

Diploma in Fashion Designing by Disha Fashion Institute

Diploma in Fashion Designing After 12th

Disha Fashion Institute is proud to offer a one-year Diploma in Fashion Designing that will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in this exciting field.

Our comprehensive program is designed to provide you with hands-on training in all aspects of fashion design, including pattern-making, garment construction, draping, and more. Our experienced instructors are committed to helping you develop your unique style and creativity, while also teaching you the business skills necessary to succeed in the fashion industry.

At Disha Fashion Institute, we understand that every student has different goals and needs. That's why our program is tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, providing you with personalized attention and support throughout your studies.

With our one-year Diploma in Fashion Designing, you'll be well-equipped to start your career in the fashion industry. Whether you want to work as a designer, stylist, or consultant, our program will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Don't wait any longer to pursue your passion for fashion. Enroll in Disha Fashion Institute's one-year Diploma in Fashion Designing today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in the industry!

Skills Required for Fashion Designing

Here are some skills required to become a successful fashion designer:

  • Creativity
  • Strong visualization skills
  • Knowledge regarding fabrics and their properties
  • Good communication skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Knowledge of different designing software like AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop

Job Opportunities in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is a vast and dynamic industry with countless job opportunities. Here are some of the professions one can choose:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Textile Designer
  • Stylist
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Fashion Journalist
  • Fashion Merchandiser

Salaries associated with these professions can range from 3-5 lakh per annum to around 50 lakh per annum, based on the experience, company, and job role.


Fashion designing courses after 12th are available in a wide range of options. It is a lucrative career choice for those who are creative and passionate about fashion. This industry is ever-evolving, and it requires individuals who can adapt and excel in it.
So, if you are passionate about fashion and aspire to become a trendsetter, enroll in a fashion designing course after your 12th, and give your career the right start. Who knows, your designs could feature on the runway at Paris Fashion Week someday!

Fashion Designing Course After 12th
Fashion Designing Course After 12th